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Founder of Recovery Warriors

live class with jessica flint,  Founder of Recovery Warriors



Register for this exclusive eating disorder REcovery training for a limited time!

In this free workshop, I'll share the not so obvious, but real reasons why relapses happen. And you'll learn how to get stronger from your slip backs.

After being stuck in the ED cycle for so long. Your simplification of why it is sooooo hard to break the cycle was mind-blowing.



Thank you for that training! The timing was impeccable. This was precisely the reboot my brain needed right now. 


"You shared so much wisdom. The analogies. Makes it so much easier to absorb the information. Thank you so so much!! 💕🤍


"The session was so insightful! I feel encouraged and armed with more tools as I work through my current relapse. 🧰 Thank you!"

Insights from this FREE training session

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Take Your life back!

Live a free and fulfilling life without your loved ones constantly worrying about you.

Stop the back and forth behaviors. Eat with ease and feel like a "normal person" around food. 

Be able to enjoy food, socialize, and have the energy to do things you care about.

This is all possible with the right perspectives and mindset!

Why self-sabotage happens and how to stop the pattern

A 3 part model to determine what *Actually* triggers you to slip back

The Physics of A relapse and how it relates to your behavioral urges




Here's what you'll learn

Relapses....Argh! WTF?! WHHHHYYYYY! 😩😭😤

This is exactly how I felt after I experienced a relapse. Now 12 years fully recovered from an eating disorder, I've helped millions stay on their path to full recovery despite setbacks.

Recovering from an eating disorder doesn’t have to be overwhelming or never-ending! You can arrive to a place where food is no longer controlling your thoughts and life.

And that’s my intention with this live online training - to give you practical advice to focus on to clear away the obstacles that hold you back from true freedom from an eating disorder.

I'm a recovery strategist, community Leader, and founder of Recovery Warriors

meet your hostess 

Jessica Flint

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This training will just be an hour!

My Promise to you, my warrior friend

I'll start on time and end on time, and be sure to bring you practical content the whole way through!

There will be a Q&A at the end!

You know all those juicy questions you've been dying to ask me? Now is the time!

You'll Leave with action steps

This isn't some fluffy, feel-good training. I'm going to give you practical steps you can implement in your recovery asap!

Maria Y 

"Thanks to Jessica, in an otherwise dreadful time, my recovery literally grew wings and started to fly."


Ok! I'm READy to learn more about why I *really* relapse!